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2019 Promises Exciting Growth for Many WSM Affiliate Industries

Posted by West Salem Machinery on Feb 8, 2019 12:05:00 PM


If the start of 2019 serves as a strong indication, the manufacturing industry seems poised to enjoy a great year, with many additional positive developments even further adding to what looks like a bright future.

At West Salem Machinery, we were incredibly pleased to see the release of such a positive manufacturing report from the Department of Labor. The report showed the addition of 13,000 manufacturing jobs in January alone in the U.S., which continued a trend that saw the industry grow by 261,000 jobs in 2018.

Additionally, the Federal Reserve reported that manufacturing output was at a 10-month high, while the Institute for Supply Management released its own manufacturing report that indicated an uptick in activity when compared to December. The ISM report stated that U.S. manufacturing activity now hums along at a 56.6 percent clip, up 2.3 percent from the two-year low hit in December of 54.3 percent.

Couple these developments with announcements made in January by industry giants Intel and Ford regarding an increase in planned manufacturing expansion in Oregon and Chicago and the positive news just keep coming.

Reducing Regulation in the Composting Industry

The New Year also promises to offer significant opportunities for some other industries that we work closely with at West Salem Machinery.

Last summer, the U.S. Composting Council launched a series of key initiatives designed to help eliminate the gaps in varying regulations around the U.S., where certain regions are lagging in the development of organics collection and compost facilities.

The USCC project seeks to focus on eliminating issues relating to state permits, omissions or contradictions for compost facilities in zoning ordinance, and solid waste plans in local municipalities that limit the options for entrepreneurs desiring to expand or open compost facilities or engage in compost sales.

Zoning codes and local regulations rank as one of the biggest hurdles that prevent expansion and cause gaps to form that makes it difficult for certain markets to keep up with demand.

One such regulation the USCC plans on updating is the Model Compost Rule Template, which was developed several years ago and is used by a number of states to regulate the issuing of compost facility permits. The USCC has argued that as the industry grows and evolves, these type of regulations must keep pace. Currently, the USCC is working alongside the EPA to collect data from local governments and states about potential changes updating their permit policies.

By updating codes and regulations, along with exploring other relevant policies changes, the USCC hopes to create an environment of growth for the compost industry in 2019 and beyond.

“If compost manufacturing infrastructure is developed strategically in areas of high generation and the compost product market is in place, it’s clear from our growing industry that jobs and economic opportunities are the result,” said USCC executive director, Frank Franciosi.

West Salem Machinery, Your Green Waste Recycling Solution

As the manufacturing and composting industries continue to grow, you can always count on West Salem Machinery as your green waste recycling solution provider. With a line of some of the industry’s most advanced and dependable grinders, screens and conveyors, you can always feel confident that working with WSM is key to the success of any business.

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